“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Whew... No Ill Effects

Yep it was back to normal today at the gym...

Back and bulging biceps with an insane amount of veins up my arms... I watch them grow as I train my biceps and become totally self absorbed with my own arms... BIZARRRREEEE!!!! LOL

Then the mandatory cardio and I have to say my head said "Cardio Time Botch" but my body went... "WTF!!!!" yep there was one hell of a quick acceleration in the heart rate this morning, it got up to 85% in about 2 seconds flat LOL

Then I raised my head and saw that my ever supportive Hubby had hung the INBA competition poster right in front of the cross trainer I use (Well actually the only cross trainer my gym has.. sigh) and once I spotted that there as NO WAY I was getting off there until I had done the whole 30 mins!!!!

Tell ya that man should win a "Best Supportive Hubby" medal or, depending on the amount of carbs I have consumed, it's a "Most Bloody Minded Pushy Bastard" medal LOL

Went to see Kel for W&M's and we were both relieved to see that the 3 days of nasties hadn't taken away any muscle... in fact it was up again and my fat was down again... thank the Gods! Skinfolds are still right on target... whew that was one hell of a relief!!!!!!!

Back home and back to cardio which made me realise how bad my eyesight is... I can see the big words on the poster and the pictures but the rest is a bit of a blur, just as well I have almost memorised it from the one on the wall at home LOL

I don't wear my glasses training or when I am doing cardio and there is this thing I do when I am bored... like for instance when I am working away on a cross trainer for 45 minutes.... If I can read something I will see if it contains every letter of the alphabet..... I don't actually read the poster or whatever I am looking at, I just look for the letters in alphabetical order... Now when you can only see blurry words it gets a bit hard LOL

I finally squinted my way through 45mins of cardio and all the letters are there.. I think LOL

For all you parents out there this is also a great learning game for the kids when you are driving any distance.... See if they can find all the alphabet, in order, on passing car number plates.... it can take forever and sure beats I spy! It is also a handy game for anyone stuck on the back seat of a motorbike trying hard not to fall asleep... yes and that's why I now ride my own bike LOL

Soooooo.. 32 days to go.... dum de dum dum dum.... (scary music...) woohoooo can not wait!!!

I am now so hooked on this that I want to carry it on to all parts of my life but I just can not decide how or what I want to do... definitely leaning to nutrition rather than PT.... hmmmm I just have this deep feeling that what I should be doing is right there in front of me but I can not quite see it.... damn better put those glasses back on!

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Raechelle said...

LOL-I remember being completely absorbed with my veings whilst training for the comp too!
And yep-those motivational pics definitely help-lucky you to be abel to hand one right in front of the cross trainer!

Not too long now chicky! Good work!