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Saturday, 6 June 2009

400kms of Bliss


What a fabulous day!!!! We were up and at the gym at 6.30 for a great Quads & Biceps workout, back home for a quick breakfast then on the bikes for a 3 hour ride down to Wintersun in Coolangatta.

It was one of those amazing days made for riding free, no wind, no clouds, just perfect. Of course we still had to contend with the long weekend traffic but it is so much easier on the bike, we rode the "bike lane" on the side of the highway a couple of times to get through the worse of the traffic, but most of the run was great....

Of course when you are riding down the highway doing 100kms and some idiot decides to go to the dump with a mattress sitting on top of a trailer full of branches and the mattress decides it doesn't want to go to the dump.... yep things got interesting there for a minute, I was lucky the bloody thing only bounced once, I locked up the back wheel and slid down the road but just when I thought I was about to eat mattress the thing just flopped to a stand still in the lane next to me... whew! Hubby had to ride up and tell the fools that it had come off, they were totally unaware that behind them there were cars screeching all over the place.

But the rest of the time it was such a fabulous ride that we completely forgot about it till we stopped for coffee on the way home LOL

We parked at Wintersun and as soon as I got off the bike in true biker fashion, I was chatting to a couple of blokes about my bike, same when we were getting ready to leave. I love that the bikes bring people together like that!!! Have to say they always talk about my little girl, no one cares about Hubbys Fatboy LOL

We met up with our friends from NZ and spent the day wandering amongst the crowds, hot rods and rock & roll bands and dancers. Its a great feeling there, heaps of folks dressed in their 50's gear and the cars make me drool. LOL

I found this little green 1960 Ford Consul for sale and as she was born the same year as me, I want her!!!! She was tucked in amongst all the big fancy V8's, she is just tooooo cute!!!!!

The ride home was as perfect as the ride down, it did get a bit cold once the sun went down, in fact it got bloody freezing LOL but I jumped into a hot shower straight away and now I am all toasty warm, and tired...I want to do it all again tomorrow!!!!


mq01 said...

holy shit, its the flying mattress!! i am so glad that everything worked out, and that you had such a great day!! that's one hell of a ride!! and that little ford looks good on you ;)

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Sounds like a great day! Damn look amazing! I'm with mq01...get the Ford! :)