“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Monday, 10 August 2009


Yay! I got to sleep in till 5.30 this morning as no sucky job today than to the EKKA holiday.

So trained shoulders and hammies came home and inhaled eggy oats and at 8am was told by hubby that I was not cleaning cars or vans today and I was to lie in the sun and do nothing!!!!!!

Then the clouds rolled in, Truly!!!!! LOL

By 10.30 they had rolled out again so I have spent most of the day out the back of the house enjoying the winter sunshine... the breeze was a bit nippley but the sunshine was fabulous! Even managed to get a bit of pinkness coming through the fake tan glow LOL Ahhhhh Winter on Bribie.. Bliss

While the clouds were lurking I did some extra rice making so the freezer is now full of little bags of rice which gives me one less chore through the week.

Then I laid in the sun and composed a message for my daughter... It was one of those "home truths" kind of things that us Mums hate to do but once in a while just have to...

On Saturday I sold her the cross trainer I had at home as I no longer used it (would have loved to have been able to just give it to her but just could not afford to do that...sigh!) and since she can not get to a gym with her part time work and small kids it was what she was after to help her get back into pre-babies shape. So I took it round and gave her a quick "this button does that" and left her to it.

But it has bugged me ever since, cause really we all know that exercising is great but without eating right it is an uphill battle, so today I composed an email (so I could make sure I had everything I needed to say in there) and sent it off with my fingers crossed that I would still have a daughter speaking to me this arvo...

Of course I do!!!! So now my new project is to help her feed herself her hubby and her kidlettes in a healthy and inexpensive way.... Of course inexpensive kid friendly food is going to be the fun part!!!!! But I am really buzzing about this.. and so is she which is the best part of the whole thing!

So I guess I will be surfing long and hard tonight looking for ideas and recipes, since we are going out for our Tuesday coffee (and only coffee!) tomorrow and I want to have things underway for her by then...

Ohhh and I heard from the lady who I met at the gym about a month ago and she is now under Jo Stewart's wing and has lost 4.9kg in just under 2 weeks!!!! She is wrapt and so am I!!! How cool is that... watch out though ladies she is already looking at competitions next year - YAY!!!!!

Hmmm so I have cardio again tonight and I am hoping that my cardio music will help me keep my head in a competing mood, this arvo I struggled again with the competing thing.... I know I want to do these comps but I just wish I could find a way to remain focused... it seems like I am fighting with myself about it all day every day... why?????????????? Hell it's not even a full moon any more and I was blaming that last week!!!

Well Hubby is home so it's cardio time... thank Goddess we have a gym key so public holidays don't stop me training!!!!

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mq01 said...

i totally understand about the stage makeup..ah the shit we do to earn a living. the eclipse was a partial and only visible from certain locales. was on the 5th or 6th while the moon was in aquarius, and i know ive been feeling it, i was totally off, but getting better.

thats fabulous that you are helping your daughter with your knowledge. i know youve helped me. i had forgotten how much i love broccoli and brown rice :) i stocked up!!

hope the cardio music helped. kick ass this week witchazel!! xoxo