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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Eggy Oats, Healthy Life, Muscle & Fitness!!!!!!!!!

When started my journey in January 2008 I was told by Jo Stewart that the only thing I was allowed for breakfast was the best breakfast in the world..... her Eggy Oats and since then that is what I have had for breakfast ever since... I think there might be...hmmm maybe 7 whole days in the whole time where I haven't had her eggy oats... and these were the days before my two comps in May.... Even had then for breakfast on Christmas day, with added fruit.. LOL

So I think it is fabulous that tonight I have just seen 3 different blogs give the recipe for the eggy oats... go for it girls, they are yummy even in their plainest form... But try them with blueberries and a scoop of protein powder and they are to die for... Hubby has them with Lean desert Cinnamon and adds a banana and it is like a banana custard pie.. well apparently.. I still have another 11 sleeps before I can add the banana and protein powder into mine.... AND COUNTING!!! LOL

This is yet another reason why I love these blogs.... sooooo who has tried the desert to die for..

125gms low fat cottage cheese
1 diet jelly - any flavour you like made to recipe
1 serve of protein powder... make sure it goes with the flavour of the jelly

Make the jelly in a bigger than needed bowl, once the jelly is set put the cottage cheese in and using an electric whisk beat the hell out of it, then add the protein powder and beat some more...

You will end up with a HUGE bowl of moose like pudding that will be around 30gms of protein, 3-6 gms of carbs (depending on the protein powder) and around 2gms of fat... and sooooo sweet it is just amazing...

Once again I am counting sleeps for that one too..

This afternoon after work I went and saw Justin at Healthy Life on Bribie who is sponsoring me for the Olympia competition, and I will be spending an evening in his store one Thursday after I have finished competing to talk to anyone who wants to know what I have done to change my lifestyle etc...

I am really excited about doing this!!!! It will be fabulous to actually help people face to face!!!

AND... Has everyone seen the article about Kelli training the amazing Terri Irwin in the latest Australian Muscle & Fitness!!!! Great article and fabulous photos!! Can't wait to see Kelli tomorrow for my measurements and to congratulate her on the article... yes it is measurement day again tomorrow.... EXCITING!!!!

Well other than that it is just the usual pre-contest getting ready stuff and work... well I am off to organise the morning stuff... You know every night I put out my bowl and a whisk so I can be ready to make my eggy oats as soon as I get home from the gym.... YUM!

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Raechelle said...

Funny about so many of us blgging eggy oats this week-must be comp fever...LOL!
That cottage cheese thing sounds interesting..hmmmmm....think I might give it a go!