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Friday, 24 September 2010

Pain in the Arse.....

Well actually the pain is in my Neck!!!!

It has been mild and annoying since Monday, I have been blaming the aircon at work since it now seems to be set on freezing for summer and it blows across my back... I can't really see what else it could be since I didn't train on Sunday, the training I have done since the pain started has been the same as I have always done and honestly apart from the gym, work and home I have no other life lol

So I have had this annoying stiff neck all week, then this morning I woke in REAL pain... I still did the spin cycle thing even though I felt like throwing up every time I moved my head up or sideways.. I really hoped that the pain would just go back to how it has been all week so I headed off to work and got the "must do" job done before giving up and coming home..

It has now reached the stage where swallowing actually makes the muscle on the outside of my neck hurt!!! I am resting on the sofa with my lap top and the tv on which, if you knew how much I really do have to get done around here and how much I don't like day time TV, proves how sore and unmovable I am!!

I have booked in with the fabulous Linda Richards to have a deep tissue massage this afternoon and she will be paying special attention to my neck... shit its sore!!!

And since every situation has a silver lining.... the silver lining for me is a bath plug!!! Yes!!! Linda has told Hubby that I must have a soak in Epsom Salts after my massage and since I have been reminding Hubby that we need bath plug for the 3 years we have lived in this house I will finally get one today!!! I have had the Epsom Salts on the shelf for over a year now and yes I know I could have bought a plug myself by now, but apparently bath plugs are very technical and Hubby has to be the one to buy it...

So I definitely won't be training tonight, and I just have t keep my fingers crossed that I will be ok to train tomorrow... damn the last thing I need 24 days out from comp is not being able to train!!!

Ohhhh well time to put down the lap top and try and find a way to sit so my head doesn't feel like its about to explode... yay a bath plug!!!!

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mq01 said...

yeah for bath plugs and linda. have a fabulous massage!!!