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Monday, 13 June 2011

The impatience of being me!

So life as a Personal Trainer is now in full swing.... well almost,  I still have a couple of shifts of reception duties which I suffer not that silently through... I mean after 35 years of administration, office, reception, customer service, management, admin, blah blah blah I am really really really.... yes really over admin... realllllly...

I still love to meet and greet, I do enjoy helping and attending, smiling and listening is fabulous, telephoning and communicating is fun, but paperwork although terribly essential is as boring as day old bat shit. Over 35 years I have seen more forms, files, and systems than a pirate has had parrot shit on his shoulder and no matter how the names are changed or the forms are fluffed they all boil down to alphabeticimised, numericalised, formulated pieces of paper.

The thing that gets me is that although every DISC test I have taken proves I am definitely a very high "I" and "S" personalty... which means I love the spotlight... once I have convinced myself that I am not being selfish wanting to be in the spotlight and that the spotlight is not scary... Yes even though being an "I" makes me follow shiny things endlessly like a cat chasing a torch beam...   I am still very organised, precise and like all my ducks arses to be in a line.... So although I don't enjoy the paperwork.... if there is any paperwork... it must be done correctly and it must be done right!

Now this paperwork encroachment makes me Impatient, I want to be a PT, I now AM a PT, but to get to be the best PT I can be I do require an amount of paper based work. Of course while working on the paperwork I know I am working towards my goals but the paperwork is causing copious amount of paper that now requires working.

I'm just glad that, according to all the experts, we now live in a paperless society cause if we didn't... well I would hate to think of the amount of paperwork that a papered society would create if this is the amount of paperwork that a paperless society uses! gasp!

Apart from my paperwork predicaments I also have so many plans and dreams that I really do spend far too much time planning and dreaming. Actually I spend a lot of time planning which plan to start first. Due to the way I have already planned to grow I need to have feedback on my plans before I can action them. Waiting for answers to my questions on my next big steps is the thing that is driving me insane.  I want to do things NOW, I want to action things NOW, I can not handle being told "I will find out and let you know" and then be left waiting for a week for an answer. A week is not NOW, in my bubble a week is a long time... a very long time...If you can't give me an let me talk to the person that can!

I have never been patient. I do not have the patience to be patient. When someone asks me for something I do it then, now, right away. I would rather work through the night and get something done than have it lurking next to me... waiting to be attended to... arghhhh I can't stand that. Maybe this is what I am being taught at the moment...patience.... hmmm I do not have the patience for this lesson. Come on let me know now!!! Is this the lesson or not???

Anyway apart from the waiting for answers everything else is fabulous. I now have 12 clients, with two new ones signing up last week. I love the fact that they are all different ages and both males and females. I love watching the progression in their fitness, confidence and health. I feel like a proud mum watching the younger ones succeed at an exercise that was beyond their reach a couple of weeks ago. I have a Superstar client at the moment and every time I watch them in the gym whether they are training with me or by themselves it gives me the warm fuzzies seeing them blossom. Hell this is an awesome lifestyle, its not a job in any way shape or form... well maybe except for the forms that are needed.. sigh.

I am also writing a lot of gym programs, this is exciting and fun too. Finding just the right combination of exercises to achieve what clients want and yet to still make them interesting and fun, something that can be hard to do when the client has been training for over 30 years and asks for something "fresh".

The of course there is the whole food thing.... I love the food thing... I am still amazed by what some people think they can eat and still lose fat... nope a large bowl of ice cream every night isn't one of them... ummmm nope neither is the large bag of sour snakes... yes I know you are exercising... no you really aren't burning 1200 calories after 15 minutes on the treadmill... no really you don't need Gatorade to replenish your body after 10 minutes on the recumbent bike.... water, yes water!! there's a thought, you could have water! I am not mocking them at all, I find it kind of a shame that our education system teaches students about the Outer Mongolian Plateau but not what is in a bottle of coke or a box of  sugar filled cereal.

I am back into my Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and should have that finished in the next couple of months. The there are a couple of instructors courses I really want to do to help with training people with serious health issues.... ahhhhh now just to get it all done!!

I also love that the learning never stops!!! Yay! I hope this never stops!!! Yay!!! Never!!!

And taking of never stopping, I had better get back to my next project.... or the paperwork will pile up and I will once again be alphabetimising till the cows come home...

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mq01 said...

12 clients is EXCELLENT! i wish i had your light near, im sure you would keep me pulled into the gym like a moth to a flame! this is SOOOOO fabulous! i am so happy for you, and im thankful to be able to follow along! you are leading the way to an incredibly strong driven healthy and independent lifestyle to everyone you touch! huge hugs! congratulations witchazel! here's to many more...passing the green tea! xoxo!