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Friday, 31 October 2008

Big Head!!!!

Ohhhh Myyyy Goddddd!!!!

Its a wonder I can fit behind this reception desk my head is sooooooo swollen!!!!

And I am going to tell the long version just to drag it out cause I enjoyed it sooooo much...

Soooo the joy of cleaning cars is that even when you have just had your nails "done" the very next car you touch bites a big hunk out of one of them.. never turn your back on a Toyota and Hyundai's are particularly sneaky!

Now tonight I have to remove the black brake dust and car cleaning grime and turn into Receptionist extraordinaire so I needed that hunk of nail repaired before 3pm.

Off I go to my fabulous amazing and very patient nail girl to have the repair done.. She now just laughs at me when I phone her in a panic.

I plonk myself down in the waiting chair and notice that the client she has with her when I arrive keeps watching me and staring and watching and looking and by the time she is finished and gets up to leave I think I must have a big hunk of salad stuck to my nose (yes it does happen to me, even my forehead once - sigh!)


She waits for me to reach the table and then says....
Wait for it..
Wait for it...

"I Hope you don't mind me saying but you look AMAZING!!!!!!!"
"You are so toned and brown and your skin is just fabulous! you are just a picture of glowing health - Wow you look good"

Hell I was soooooooooo embarrassed and happy and chuffed that I giggled like a moron and said something very wise and knowing like "heheheeeeee ummmmm yep go to gym lots" then I managed to stop behaving like a total fool I thanked her very much and told her that I did train quite a lot and really loved it, and thanked her again.... oh and again...

So I had my nail repaired and floated out of the salon, still grinning like a total idiot.

I think what made it so great was that it was a total stranger, with no prompting.

Oh and now she is my best friend!... nah just kidding... I wonder where she lives.....

Trained shoulders today, love that as they grow before my very eyes - yay! oh and my hubby showed me his tummy and when I told him it was like Vodka he went... Uhhhh???? what???

You know...they come in a four pack not a six pack!

It's amazing how fast I can move even at the end of a training session hehehehehehehe

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gypsy77 said...

That is a fantastic story!!

You must be looking hot!!!! Good for you.

You've probably inspired her too.

Have a great weekend!