“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sunday, 30 November 2008

All the way!!!

Sunday is no weights day but we have now made a pact to get up and jog/walk the waterfront.

Today we made it all the way back without stopping!!!!! Woohoo!!! We had even jogged further than normal so it was a really good session and my world was full of sunshine....

Then the day turned pretty much to crap with niggly arguments between hubby and me about going places and doing things.

I have this HUGE hang up about being late for anything, anywhere.

I would rather be 10 minutes early and have to sit around and wait than 1 minute late. So when we do things on the weekend I am always stressing about the time and getting back home with enough time to spare to get ready to go to work.

Of course this is Hubbies weekend and he wants to go places and do things, this is my work day so I want to be close to home..

After the first spat where I made the mistake of saying I was happy to stay at home - hey I do love being at home where I can get a tan without strap marks - we ended up going to a local beach which was great and things calmed down again. I managed to totally forget to put any kind of suntan lotion on and have been sunburnt for the first time this year - damn!!!

We then got home with a couple of hours to spare before work which was all good, but then just one hour out from me having to be AT work Hubby wanted to take the motorbikes out and get a coffee.. Stress city for me but to keep the peace I went, begrudgingly and grumpily but I did it.

Of course it all fell apart when the place we choose took 10 mins to serve us and then told us it would be another 10 mins before the coffees would even be able to be made... Big rush back to home so I could run around like an idiot to get ready.. Hubby rode noisily of into the sunset..

By the time I had to leave he was back and all is ok, but not a great Sunday by any means... We are definitely going to have to work out some rules on this weekend thing cause I am totally over trying to balance the world as I know it every damn Saturday and Sunday.

Ok... sorry.. whinge over... deep breath... back to work...

Yay... new weights programme starts tomorrow... can not wait!!!

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Tiarna said...

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T :)