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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Can men really see...

Final day today of the 8 week programme (Hamstrings) and the new one arrived this morning by email - Yay!

Can't wait to start the new one even though I totally loved the old one..

Oh and the scale gods were kind :0}

And just when you think it is a good day you glance up and look out the sliding door of the reception area into a car park full of men with no shirts on...

Now you would think this would be a good thing eh.... NOT!

Unfortunately my car-park gods come complete with beer bellies and pale lily white skin, puff on cigarettes and hold cans of beer in their other hand. Oh and they have all seen at least 40 New Years...

Now really, what do they think they look like???
Can they not see themselves???
Why do their friends not nudge them and say.. "Mate, cover it up, it's just not pretty!"

If this was a group of 15 women would we all be happy to lounge on each others cars with just our bra's on, bellies hanging over our jeans..
No make-up... hardly any hair - well on our heads that is, to compete with these guys backs we would have to never shave our legs!
Would our girlfriends let us!!!

And what really makes it fun is that when I have to leave the reception area and pass by the group they all just give you the look.. you know the look.. Lear, smirk, look.... "You know you want me little lady"

I think I may be in love with the one that is continually scratching himself... I mean.. if it is that itchy - WASH IT and put ointment on!

I reckon these guys were put in my car park by the gods of tolerance so that I have to sit here and repeat endlessly...

"It's not what you look like, it's what's inside that matters"
"Back hair is not contagious"
"they are athletes, they play bowls"
"Pale skin is wise, he is being sun safe"

Unfortunately from the way most of them have spoken to me so far, their insides are not all that pretty either..

Maybe this is really the gods trying to make me realise that I am lucky my hubby is a gym junkie too and to stop being annoyed at him beating me to the scales every morning to see how low his body fat is...

well gotta go... semi naked god heading my way probably to buy more beer...

Oh well... just smile and nod, smile and nod...

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