“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Monday, 10 November 2008

Get this off my chest...

It's Monday - Chest day! Yep did it, ummm nothing really wonderful to report.

I have stopped taking my pre-workout Creatine and have found that my weights haven't dropped but I have dropped the reps in the last set of most exercises...

Might just be a mental thing cause I was told this might happen, so I am going to stay off the Creatine for a couple of weeks to see.. Got plenty of time to the comp so I can afford to play a bit now.

Did an hour of Cardio tonight, mostly because Hubby took Tank for walkies first and Morgan spins in small circles till he gets back and takes her.

I can not be in the house while she does, it is like having a million Dobermanns running past you one at a time as she laps the hallway - remember she only goes right.... so she just keeps going past you, over and over and over and over.... arghhhhhhhhhhh

I just end up screaming at her so I headed to the gym as soon as hubby and Tank headed out the door then I stayed till hubby arrived and then finished his cardio... 60 mins and 700 cals YAY!

Finding this a bit hard tonight since I found out that my Dad, who went stone deaf in one ear suddenly about 3 weeks ago has now got a numb patch on that side of his face...

Of course he is 83 so the medical profession view him as expendable and he is off for a hearing test tomorrow but then has o wait 3 weeks for a scan to see if it is a tumour.... but hang on look whats happened in the last 3 weeks... sigh!

Still I suppose it won't be as bad as when we were all still in NZ and he was waiting for a check up on his leg that had been amputated and the hospital phoned and asked my Mum if her husband was dead yet cause they were hoping to shorten the waiting list!!!!!!

See and you thought the Aussie health system sucked... HA!

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