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Thursday, 25 December 2008

A Happy Xmas

Happy Christmas all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary - 7th we think, we can't remember and since we have been together 17 years on and off it doesn't really matter which one it is - by having a lovely dinner with a couple of wines over looking the water...

We don't usually even remember our anniversary till mid January - and then stand there and go opps forgot again - since it is Xmas eve and we are usually getting organised for the family gathering, but this year it was my daughters turn to have us gather at her house...

Today started with pressies between Hubby & me and then a nice log HIIT run/walk along the waterfront and back before breakfast.

When we got back Hubby got to chat to his three sons in NZ, which he hasn't been able to do for a while and I cooked up the egg whites..... I stayed away from the oats this morning to help counteract the inevitable Xmas carb loading hehehe

Then we headed over to my daughters where my Sister and Brother-in-law surprised us all by sneaking over the ditch and then my Brother arrived with his new Chinese wife and her son, who he has been waiting to get into the country for months!

It was a great family day and my parents were over the moon to have all their kids together and I had a great time playing swingball with my Grandson ... Kids make Xmas so much more xmassy!!!

Finished off the day with a long chat with my son in NZ and now Xmas day is over...

Since both Hubby and I are working tomorrow afternoon and the gym is closed it will be another HIIT walk/run to help get over today.

It has been nice not to have to watch what I eat today but if I am completely honest... I am over it already give me back my tuna and chicken breast!!!!!

I have two Xmas cakes and an Xmas pudding looking for a home, if I keep them here I will eventually eat the damn things just to get rid of them, so I will give them away tomorrow probably to Mum and Dad after all they suddenly have guests they didn't know about.. hehehehehe

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