“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

native emblems are yum!

Yep really enjoyed the native emblem - it was yum! will be eating lots more of those big bunnies in days to come and recommending them to family as well. Thanx for the mince suggestions Gypsy!!

Shoulders today - new exercises which were all good, love doing shoulders cause I get to see them pump up straight away. Then some abs that really felt like they worked today - yay!

There was a new face in the gym this morning, a younger bloke who had obviously taken something buzzy as he had his Ipod on and just bounced around like an ever ready bunny whipping through clean and jerks and grunting on absolutely every rep of every set of every exercise.

Hubby asked him what he had taken and it was a creatine sup, similar to what we take every morning but hell this guy was BOUNCING!!!

I was just about to start a set of shoulder presses when he rushed in, grabbed his clean and jerk weight and threw it half way up, changed his mind, dropped it and scampered out then rushed back in and started again.. scared the bejesus out of me and then I got the giggles.

You know you just can not push a weight above your head when you are giggling!

So I had to take a deep breath, try to look the other way and start the set again...

It was nice to have a change of face, and he certainly kept us all amused with his twitching and clicking of fingers and bouncing... Ohh to be that amped at 6am!

Did 45 mins of cardio tonight, I have missed it so it was great to just plug into the songs and go for it! ran at 9.7 for 7kms and burned 500cals.. got a real buzz out of the solid running without the HIIT, it still amazes me how I can now run, 48 years old and finally I can run.. I mean WTF, I feel so bloody clever! LOL

Hope you all like the photo at the top of the blog, it was taken at Wintersun at Coolangatta in June this year. That's the back of our 63 Chev truck we are sitting on and we were both 8kgs heavier than we are now.

But wait there's more...
This will show you how much weight we have shed..
This is us at our wedding on Christmas Eve - 2001...
And also at our heaviest, I reckon I weighed around 100kg and Hubby was about 90kg although that is a guess as I would not even go near a scale!
GULP! this is a big deal to share this!!!!
Forgot how totally huge I once was!!! I was a size 22 on a good day!!!

Still had good ankles, though it's a bloody miracle they could hold me up! hehehehee

So that's enough photos for a long time!!! In fact that's about all the photos I have of me since I am totally camera phobic... well do you blame me when I was that big!!!!
Anyway I was already about 20kgs lighter when I started again this year... no muscle though just 20kgs less fat with lots of fat still left over...
Wow I am sooooo chuffed that I have made it this far in just under a year...
Well I am off to eat a whole pizza and two bags of marshmallows!!!
Hey it's what I used to eat at night just before I got married!!!! gee no surprises there eh???
Ok... well really I am off to have a green tea... yum!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Witchazel. Don't think I'm up to putting up my pics just yet! I also love kangaroo, however I can't think about what I'm eating when I'm eating it.

Tiarna said...

Girl you should post a before and after!! if you have gone from around 100kgs to 60ish then you kick arse!!! Be proud and Inspire others, you one of the very few who get of their arse and do something, NICE WORK!!!!