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Friday, 9 January 2009

If your going to do it....


Now it's not as though Hubby and I are new to this training thingy, in fact if it wasn't for weights we wouldn't know each other... We met at Gold's Gym in Rotorua NZ 17 odd years ago.

I was even training to compete way back then in Physique as they didn't have Figure in them olden days, but this tall, dark and vaguely handsome man got in the way hehehehehe

So here we are back at it, and we still remember all the moves and grooves involved although the amount of lycra and leg warmers we wear has reduced...

Still even though we are old hands at this I sent away for the Max's free DVD which was advertised in the Hardcore mag and it arrived yesterday - Thanx guys!

If you can get a copy I totally recommend it!!! Go to and just follow the instructions...

Although we know all the exercises inside out, it refreshed and highlighted the CORRECT way to do them.

There is even nutrition information using a chef from the Australian Olympic team.

It is all aimed at the boys, but the technique is the same whether you have dangly bits or not, and watching the boys show you how to do each exercise is pretty nice too hehehehe

Leg training again today, and after watching the DVD we slowed down and concentrated on what we were doing and it hurt like hell! Yay!

It will be 18 weeks to the competition on Monday and I will be changing my intake from then on, slowly reducing the small amount of carbs I do have at the mo and cutting back the size of the portions. I will also be increasing the cardio slowly.

Hell it is getting exciting!

Truth be known I am only doing this so I can own some stripper shoes!


katiep said...

Hey Gorgeous
Are you doing INBA in Brisbane in May?
If so, I'll see you there - how exciting. Good luck on your journey - stripper shoes are fab!!

Anonymous said...

We watch the series on foxtel and have found it quite useful at times also Cath.

Their ads on the other hand are hilarious, very Melbourne. LOL!!

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog. I find it to be quite the outlet I need to express myself. I am intrigued with you because you seem to be like me in some ways -- very comfortable in your own skin and always growing, living and learning. I describe myself as a disfunctional health nut. I have moments (weeks) of eating extremely clean and dilgently maintaining my tough fitness regime, and then I fall off the wagon in a big way for a few weeks. (Although I do maintain my cardio at all times.) I begin to feel sluggish because of my diet and lack weight bearing exercising, then I'm back on as fitness queen.:) I certainly applaud you for your commitment to training -- and reaching new fitness goals.