“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Thursday, 29 January 2009


I decided today that not being average can be a major problem.....

If I was an average 48 year old I would be able to wear size 18 clothes, and be obese.

If I was one of the 68% of women in Australia who are obese, I might even be supplied with an electric golf cart thing so I would never have to walk!

I could eat at any fast food outlet and have no cares about which fat they cooked the food in.

I could lounge in front of the TV watching other people struggle to loose weight and think.. One day when I have time I'm going to do that.

I could sit round and smoke and drink with all my mates and glare at the skinny young girls and say things like... "wait till they have kids"

I could go to my doctor and get my medication and not be called back because my results showed I was very fit and healthy and loosing weight... I mean who looses weight these days???

Yep, after having done that damn fasting test I got a letter saying that I needed to be seen because my blood tests were back. I have to admit I panicked a bit as I was worried that I would have to see the "Other" Doctor and he would start playing with my Thyroxine just like ALL the other Doctors have in the past...

So I purposely saw my own Doctor who I have already been through the whole "No, this is what makes me feel good" thing and not the one who ordered the test "for a look".

Well my Doctor was a bit bemused at me having to have had another blood test and even more bemused at why I had been called in to discuss it. He could not understand why it was "Fasting" and even the tests requested were not "complete" enough to give him the information he would normally need to make an assessment. Just to top it all off the levels shown were in exactly the same range as they have always been....

He did ask me if I was loosing weight and when I told him that yes my weight was going down but my Lean body mass was staying at the same point, he gave me this big beaming smile and said.. "You know what you are doing then because you look great, all your other levels... calcium, cholesterol, Iron etc are perfect".

Now I reckon that if I was an average overweight 48 year old woman who went in for a prescription for a medication I had been on for 26 years and I showed no inclination that I wanted to do something to reduce my weight and get fit and healthy, I would have been given the script and sent on my way no questions asked.

Instead I have spent over a year changing my lifestyle and fitness, I have worked long and hard and strive to be the best I can and what do I get.... I get to pay another $55.00 to be told I didn't need to starve before taking a blood test that I didn't need and that I didn't need to come in because I am doing everything right! SIGH!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhh and I have decided that no one is obese, they are all just too short.

If all the 100kg women where at least 2.0mtrs tall they would not be obese, so they are really just short, not fat.....



Frankie said...

Great going! Glad the tests were good (even if a waste of time and money).

I don't want to be bloody average either!

Raechelle said...

I would never even consider the word "average" when thinking about you! Good O' girl!

witchazel said...

Thanx guys, as you can probably tell I am over having strangers tell me how I should feel.. sigh!