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Saturday, 17 January 2009


No it's not my new diet, it was caused by my doctor making me have a "fasting" blood test - sigh!

I tell ya, I have been on Thyroxine now for 26 damn years (after having my Thyroid totally removed) and every, YES EVERY, damn doctor I have seen in those 26 years makes me go for a blood test to satisfy THEIR curiosity that I am taking the correct dose!

Yes my blood pressure is more than perfect, yes I am fit, yes I am healthy, yes I am happy and not hairy (a naughty thyroid sign) but do they believe me... No so I am sent for a fasting blood test...

Now in the normal world where people only eat 3 times a day this is probably not a huge problem, but for me to not eat between 5pm and 8am is a HUGE problem!

I was awake at 5am this morning, I would normally take my morning "empty tummy" supplements and a protein shake and go to the gym then come home to a pile of more supplements and nice oats/egg white breakfast - YUM! all before 7.30am.

Sooo to kill time I decided the only way I was going to last 3 hours before I had anything to eat was to go for a walk/jog for an hour on a completely empty stomach.... hell I was STARVING by the time I got back and I still had 1 1/2 hours till the blood suckers even opened their doors!!!

I finally got to the lab and waited outside with 6 other starving people... although in all honesty they all looked like they needed to be there, wow I was embarrassed to look so healthy next to them, so I arrived and jokingly said..."Wow I feel better now I know I'm not the only totally starving person this morning :-)" I got a snarl from one and the rest choose to not see me ... sigh, what? does fat make you nasty as well????

Finally had the blood taken at 8am and then rushed home to eat... lucky there were no traffic cops about this morning! The annoying thing was this wasn't even my normal doctor, mine was on holidays so this one just had to send me for a blood test, why???

But how do "normal" folks manage it??? How do they survive on 3 meals a day - I have totally forgotten what that must be like.. And how do they not drink 5 litres of water a day, by the time I got home I could have gulped down a bathtub full of water!!! Ok so I found out when the blood test was taken that I was allowed water - would have been nice to know that 3 hours before hand but never mind..... But I have felt off kilter all day now trying to catch up on the meals and water.

Oh well another satisfied Doctor, although I will never find out if the test was ok or not because they never phone and tell you do they?

Weigh in this morning was great - 60.9kg almost a 2kg drop from last Saturday - probably cause I was empty as!!!! fat% was down too...


Frankie said...

Hey there.

I had a fasting blood test last week. Luckily the place is just round the corner and opens at 7.30am (YES!)

So I stayed up til after midnight, so I'd sleep in..rolled out of bed and went straight there. There were still 5 people in front of me though!

Raechelle said...

LOL-I'm with's hard to believe that I ate only 3 meals a day many years ago....don't know how I managed!

"does fat make you nasty?" hmmmm interesting question!