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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Time flies when your..........

Trying to fit everything into every day... GASP!

I am loving this lifestyle, will not change it for anything, and please realise that this is in no way a moan, it's more a cry for help, cause I have to admit that lately I am finding that my days no longer seem to have the full 24 hour quota.

Today started off really well with a sleep in till the ridiculously late hour of 6am, then jumped on the scales for the big Saturday weigh in, which was down again - yay!

Next was the pre-workout pile of supplements and a protein shake, down to the gym for abs and then 45 mins of cardio...

Half way through the cardio I realised that because of the sleep in I had missed the 7am meal!!!

Well that was my head done for the day... Panic set in... I stressed, I stomped, I even cried on Hubby's shoulder!

I feel like I have been running in small circles for days and I just can not catch up.

I realise that I am not the only one who works and trains, so how do you all do it?

Yesterday my day went like this...

5.15am - up and take supplements and shake, set out some of the breakfast goodies for when we get back from the gym.
6- 7.20 - train and 20 mins cardio
7.20 - 8 - Breakfast & shower/dress & prepare 10am meal for me and different 10am meal for hubby
8 - 11- work at Car Detailing
11 to 12.30 prepare 4 meals - 2 for me for the evening and lunch & dinner for hubby
12.30 to 1.15 - cardio
1.15 - prepare and eat 1pm meal
1.30 - 2.45 - shower, iron uniforms for the weekend, get ready for evening work, put on a load of washing..
2.45 to 9pm - Stuck at work - Have to pay for the supplements some how -sigh!
9pm - Home! Prepare and have 9pm shake
9.30pm - set out all supplements, gym gear etc for the morning
10.30pm fall into bed!

Today after having breakfast late, I managed to fit in a quick vaccy/mop through the whole house... prepare 5 meals, (3 for me 2 for hubby) eat one of them, then a quick dash for a real coffee (black only) and a lap of the shopping mall just to see that there is still a real world out there, which did make me calm down a bit and feel better and then my meals where back on schedule...

But hell this is hard work!

I know I could prepare all the meals the day before but that would mean standing and cooking at 8.30pm most nights as I usually do the 45mins of cardio between 4pm and 6pm then we eat dinner after that at about 7pm.

Now I have Wednesdays off and I have to admit that the last few have only been half days due to work commitments. I have spent the afternoons with Kelli ( Fabulous!) and the travelling to and from, so maybe not having full days off is what's making me feel so "rushed"

Tomorrow is my no training or cardio day but I do still have to work from 3.30 to 8pm so what ever we do to "relax" has to fit in between the meals and has to happen in before 2.30....

So come on... share your secrets... how do you all manage your days???
Do you all work full time??
What gives???

I am not a housework freak so although I like the place being tidy and cleanish (dogs make that a little hard) I only hit the vaccy/mop etc once a week if possible - usually on my day off!

Ohhh and while all this is going on Hubby does actually do stuff as well - he is in charge of dog walking x 2 and feeding (they eat all natural too so it is a real meal preparation thing) he hangs out the washing and gets it in most of the time, does the lawns and works 5 1/2 days...

Just don't tell me to get hubby to cook - cause if there is one thing I have learnt on this earth it is to never eat what he cooks! really... no really!

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Tearose said...

lol about your hubby's cooking :P I know what you mean though I work full time 8 hours a day 5 days a week, I get up at 4:30 to eat and get to the gym from there I go straight to work, then home to do laundry, dishes, re pack, cook meals, the only difference is there are 3-4 grown people here all day and none of them do ANYTHING. Not one dish, I have to ask them to take out the garbage and get it all ready. Its really getting me down. The 3-4 people are hubby when hes not working my friend and her 2 teenagers. I am lucky if I get to bed by 11, so I am sleep deprived as well. I have no real answers but you can cry on my shoulder lol.