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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Just a Poser!

My Hubby is a Leo and so he loves to groom and preen, and if he had a mane it would be the biggest, fluffiest, golden mane in the whoooolllleeee world.

We went shopping today, well we actually went to collect a pair of chunky white gold earrings that I bought him for Xmas that broke last week and have now been replaced....

Anyway we went to the jewellery store and we ended up picking up the white gold earrings, then buying another pair of chunkier sterling silver earrings and then we also popped into another shop and bought a stainless steel necklace.... to go with the other necklace he was already wearing....

Yep all this bling was for Hubby!

I got 2 sets of hair ties - total value $7.90 LOL

I love that my man wears jewellery, sometimes more than I do, well if you don't count my earrings that is. I think it's great that he is switched on enough to wear yellow gold earrings with a yellow gold necklace and then change both so the white gold ones go with the silver chains. Of course now he can wear the silver ones with the silver chains.

He is known for taking longer to choose an outfit to go out in than I do, and he is also very well known for changing his shirt at least four times before going back to the original one and wearing that out... every shirt change is accompanied by a change of shoes - yes ladies he owns more shoes than me and Emelda Marcos! When we showed our dogs he would take 3 or 4 complete suits/shirts/tie/shoes combinations with us to choose from for one 3 minute stint in the ring.

Soooo of course Hubby has always posed in the mirrors of the gym... always... with and without shirt... even more, without shirt, lately now that his body fat is down to around 8.5%! (B@s^*d!)

So it is with great pleasure that I can now announce - I am the Official Poser of the family!!!!

We went to the gym this morning (It is soooo great being allowed your own key!) while no-one was about, so I could prance around in my bikini and high heels and practice posing. I usually do this last thing at night in our lounge between the sofa and the coffee table!

It was awesome having the big mirrors and the lighting there is so much better than at home, so you can see the cuts on your legs/arms/chest really well.

I discovered that you also do not have to contend with Dobermanns sticking their freezing noses in the back of your knees and up your bum when you are at the gym - another major bonus LOL

So I had a really good practice and I am always amazed at how much posing takes out of you - it really is a workout on it's own..

Apart from the posing and having to lug the weighty jewellery back to the car I didn't train at all today, even managed to sit down and watch almost half a DVD before coming to work...

Feeling rested and ready for another week of training - Bring it on!!!!!!

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