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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Not righteous, just 44kgs lighter....

Thanx for all the comments people, I wasn't trying to come across all righteous and holier than anyone else and I certainly hope it wasn't taken personally by anyone who read it....

I just wanted to voice how I am handling the "new" lifestyle and competition preparation... How it affects ME as a 48 year old woman and what a positive and educational time it has been for me, even when I am tired, grumpy and wish that I just had to deal with normal everyday problems instead of whether I have achieved my calorie deficit for the day.. LOL

I realised last week that my total weight loss since Jan 2008 is now 24kgs and around 30% bodyfat, I was too fat then to measure accurately by calipers so the Gym owner had to guestimate at somewhere between 38 and 40%!

Prior to that I had lost 20kgs over 4 years, in a number of unsuccessful attempts to get skinny not healthy..... For around 3 horrendous months I lived on red wine and marshmellows and lost 10kgs, not the best diet in the world but when you are toasted all day and night to get over a broken heart nutrition isn't a top priority.... so since 2001 I have managed to toss a total of 44kgs... or maybe it is waiting in a dark corner for May31st (the day after my 2nd comp) to leap back onto my body... After all I have never been post competition so what would I know.. LOL

Had my weekly meeting with Keli (who is in the latest Aussie Muscle & Fitness) and all is still on target, weight stayed the same bodyfat dropped again - Yay!

If you are interested in some information on training when you are over 40 check out the latest Ironman mag. It seems like the oldies are the hot topic in the bodybuilding world at the moment. Although the articles tend to be male focused they still pertain to anyone over 40 and their supplement and training requirements.

There is also an article about the wonderful Lindy Olsen in the Ironman. Another one that I found interesting in Ironman was "Eat Ice Cream, Lose Fat" which goes on to say that scientists in Melbourne are working on an icecream that helps you loose fat! what I found interesting was the comment at the end of the article from Nutritionist Dr Joanna McMilan-Price who said"We have to stop looking for the complex scientific answers and change our life to exercise and eat the right food instead" YES!

I love these "mens" mags, they don't worry about what colour clothes you should wear or what brand you should be seen in before you sweat, they just give you a lot of information that can help you make training and nutrition choices, and some of those bodies are just plain YUM!

After my rant yesterday I was interested to see one of the morning TV shows highlighting that there are only two breakfast cereals that are safe for children to eat everyday... how scary is that!!! How are these companies allowed to sell these foods if they are that unhealthy... why should people have to have a science degree to choose a healthy cereal!

Well I'm off to eat my bean curd soup and tofu porridge... kidding!!!! LOL


Raechelle said...

OMG! I totally saw that last night too.....SHOCK HEADLINE- CHOCO POPS HAVE TOO MUCH SUGAR!!!
DUH poople! you have to have a bloody study done to tell you that?! And how hard is it to read the ingredients?!

Lia Halsall said...

Gosh time's ticking aways isn't it, I can't believe how fast it's gone by Cath. Before you know it you'll be standing up on stage in the shape of your life. I can't wait to see photos.

As for surgary cereals, coco pops used to be one of my favourites. But now, I wouldn't go near it for the life of me. I might as well just pour milk into a sugar bowl and eat that. LOL!!

Lia :o)