“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Cold winds, warm leathers, bliss....

Just got back from a little ride up the coast.. 110km's of cold winds and warm leathers. We don't have to wrap up too often when we ride, but today was definitely a leather and layers day.

The cold wind frees the thoughts locked in your head and starts the songs hidden behind your everyday worries.

I find it hard to lock into anything for long when I'm riding, worries come into focus and are gone as quickly as a bug bouncing off my helmet. When I try and grasp a problem to solve a song from years ago arrives and distracts me as I try and remember the words... I think it's my bike telling me to breath deep and enjoy her throbbing hum and leave the real world for those trapped in their tin lid cars.

Got to where we were going, sat back and enjoyed coffee and a chicken sandwich in the sun, too hot for all the leathers then, slowly peeled layers off then wandered for a little while around the markets. Stopped on the way back for another coffee and some more sunshine, could have sat there for hours watching people admire the bikes... watching them dream of "wish I could" "If I could" Knowing that I can...

Back to home and sitting around with the dogs romping on the front lawn, play fighting, leaping and boxing, grabbing baby coconuts in their teeth and tossing them up and catching them. They love those things and peel them layer by layer. Always amazes me when they do that as the layers are so hard that I can't prise them apart with a tool but the fur kids peel them and chew the layers like lollies. Such powerful jaws that Tank uses to greet me by grabbing my arm in his mouth and then giving me such soft licky kisses, never leaves even a tiny mark... Scares the hell out of people that don't know that an arm grab is a Tank "Hi, I missed you!" LOL

I was shattered yesterday from the Friday night food, but still managed to get in my usual Saturday Legs and Bicep training and then went back for Abs in the afternoon. Only just managed to stay awake through "He's just not that into you" last night and then did a little cardio walk/jog this morning.. just 30 mins.. got this bogus lump coming up under the pad of my right foot so had to stop half way through the usual Sunday morning course along the waterfront.

Warm and fuzzy now from the ride.... looking forward to another week of training and changing.... 112 days to the comp.... not that I'm counting... yet..

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mq01 said...

BLISS!!! thank you witchazel, absolutely. we can ride-and we do :) WOOHOO!! i agree completely, the windsong of the bike and road just does something to the mind body and spirit. bliss.

lump under foot? shit you've got issues too...hmmm, us and our challenges. shoulders, a clear crisp coast to ride, and bourbon or tequila are in order!!!!!!!!! :)
xoxo sista