“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Take one keyboard and shove it....

It was a freezing 7 degrees this morning which was kind of funny considering that would have been 7 degrees higher than the high in Rotorua where we used to live, but hey we moved to Queensland to be warm, so where is the warm switch???? LOL

I believe it turned out a nice day but it was sucky windowless office job day so who knows????

It seemed nice for the one hour of daylight I saw when we came out of the gym from training Biceps and chest, had an awesome workout - hell I really love being in the gym, just love it!!!! I Also got to see about an hour of sun when I got home before we headed back to the gym for Abs - ouch! Yay! Although could someone please explain d.e.o.d.o.r.a.n.t. to teenage boys.... lol

Got to say I found sucky job extra hard today, I am just soooooooooooooooooooo over being treated like a freak because I wont eat crap all day long. I know I have said it before (and so has other bloggers) but why is it ok for fat people to make fun and bully us for eating healthy food but Goddess forbid we turn around and make fun of them being fat and eating cakes puddings and chips all day!!!!

Honestly if I had been told one more time that I was weird because I was eating tuna and rice when I work at an RSL and could have a nice big plate of fish & chips for lunch I would have shoved a keyboard sideways up someones arse! After all they are big enough for it to fit!!!!!!

Ok rant over, although I am going back tomorrow so maybe I will get a chance to file the keyboard in the appropriate orifice LOL
Tank is going to the docs tomorrow night as his bogus lumps are still there although we had hoped they were just caused by him and Morgan playing.
At the moment they are both on the sofa's that they let us share with them. Morgan is in her little red pyjamas and Tank in his purple corduroy pyjamas. He is all snuggled up with Daddy... and is snoring... Both Daddy and Tank that is LOL

Now ! am off to make some egg whites for desert and get out all the stuff for the morning... just mild cardio tomorrow, slow peaceful cardio... promise LOL


Vicki said...

Hey Cath,
Our universes must have been parallel today...both doing abs and both having to contend with stinky boys at the gym. Seriously in boxing tonight the room (which is MASSIVE i might add) had a stench so bad I could barely breathe... and then when I went down after boxing to do my abs workout, here I am trying to do crunches on 2 fitballs and kept falling off cos I couldn't breathe! There was a guy doing abs that just reeked. It was so bad I came home and finished my training here lol
AND...I just had eggwhites for dessert lol

Have fun shoving said keyboard in certain places tomorrow ;)

Vic x

mq01 said...

i hope that Tank is ok!! there has got to be a health or fitness job around that you would love. have you thought about becoming a trainer?

ps, that keyboard, i SOOOOO know how you feel!!! LOL! ..could be messy though.. ;)

Witchazel said...

LOL Vicki,sounds like we are living the same smelly life LOL

Hey mq01, I have considered being a trainer but I don't have an excess of patience LOL I would not like lazy people full of excuses.. LOL Thinking along the lines of Life Coach maybe???