“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Back to the 8's

Soooo although my weight seems to be staying put, I am back into my size 8 pants which means my layer of abfat must be decreasing LOL

I ran the waterfront yesterday afternoon... it was supposed to be 30 mins of HIIT cardio but once I started running I could not stop... It was a beautiful day, the water was like glass and the sun was just dropping below the Glasshouse Mountains and I could have run for hours... so instead of 30 mins of HIIT I ran for 23 minutes cause by then I had gone to the bridge and back to home LOL

We took the bikes for a blat this morning just up the highway and back but like my run last night I would have given my left tit to just keep pointing my bike south... forever... or at least until next year... I soooo feel like escaping it is not funny.. been bugged by homesickness a lot lately, really missing the people in Rotovegas... badly!!!! I would also love to be able to visit my Son who I now haven't seen for around 3 years!!! Way too long... this is my baby I am talking about and I miss him!

But like my run yesterday we turned the bikes around and came back in what seemed like too quick double time, ok so blasting along the Bribie Island road at 13okms an hour probably didn't help but I was frustrated as hell and I am sick to death of being a good girl!.

Still this gave me 4 hours to lie in the sun and get a good bit of tanning in, before I went to the gym and trained Abs and did 45 mins steady state cardio, I just plodded along at 80% heart rate Listening to Pink and Greenday and watched the Broncos wipe the floor with the Panthers... aaaahhh that's my team... of thighs... short shorts... droool... it sure does take the mind of cross trainer cardio... and on to other forms of cardio... LOL

So that sums up my weekend.... too short in all ways... but can not fault the weather... just perfect... come on summer... can not wait!!!

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mq01 said...

yes, we just have to be bad every once in a while (or more) and let the bikes stray, since we know they can lead the way...LOL! maybe you could/should take a sanity day off from sucky job and ride?!? ;)

pink and greenday, lov'em. i just realized this weekend how much better/harder im working out with the ipod, so im loading more music as we speak!! ride safe and have a great week.