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Sunday, 27 December 2009

My Shoes!

These are one of my Christmas Presents from Hubby!!! OMG my man has such great taste!!!
My Dad thought they were more stripper shoes for competing in LOL
This is why I have no trouble wearing the stripper shoes, cause these are my new going out shoes!!!! Yay!! I hope to wear these NYE but it will depend on how much walking around the streets of Southbank we will be doing, not because they are not fabulous to walk in, but because I don't want to ruin them!!! They really are comfortable!!! He got them from Zu Shoes and said the service and delivery was great, their site is now one of my most browsed LOL

I had a fabulous Christmas day with my family and loved just sitting back with Amanda and Neil at the end when everyone else had left and laxing out with them for a couple of hours.

Lily and Joseph both loved the games we gave them and apart from us having to listen to Lilies alphabet game over and over and over and over I was rapt that they were both so happy with them
We had a lovely family gathering and every one was over full and happy when they left..
I have eaten pretty much non-stop during Christmas day and since then and although I have tried to keep it as clean as possible when we have been eating out I will admit to having the most amazing hamburger and a piece of banana bread today.
When we are at home we have been eating as we always do and we have kept up the training every day except Christmas day when we went for a walk before the carb loading began, and this morning I jogged and walked the waterfront for 30 minutes for the first time in months. It was a great feeling to be running again, and so far - touch wood - no problems! YAY!
Tomorrow it is back to training again, and will be keeping the food a little more under control for the rest of the week or else I will not be wearing the dress I have for NYE!!
Spent yesterday trapped in a shopping mall, swapping Hubbies stereo that I gave him for one with more bling - LOL no surprise there! Then today we bought a GPS as Hubby gets lost inside the shopping malls let alone when he is on the actual streets outside and I am tired of having to drive around with a huge map book on my lap.
We let the GPS take us through to Southbank and out hotel we are staying at for NYE so it won't be so hard to find it on the night and spent the rest of the day wandering around and ended up changing our restaurant booking to another place which is Greek and will have Belly Dancers and Greek bands on the night!
The table we have organised is right on the edge of the veranda and we will have a great view of the crowds, we are on the wrong side for the fireworks but we can go through the restaurant to the front deck when they go off and still get a perfect view of them as well. It is going to be a totally different night for us and we are really looking forward to it!
So that's whats been happening since Christmas Eve, I was totally spoilt by my family with awesome gifts but best of all was us all getting together and enjoying each others company for the morning.
Hey MQo1, I tried to copy your shoe photo.... no such luck! obviously you have fabulously photogenic feet!


mq01 said...

LOL!! ;) i LOVE the shoes!! you are going to ROCK NYE!! exercise and food, hmmm, seems we'll both be more focused after the holidays. continue having FABULOUS holidays!!! xoxo

Kerry W said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS SHOES Kathy! Sounds like your having a fabulous Chrissy too, and keeping on top of your nutrition and exercise. You are so disciplined girl!

Enjoy and have here's to an even better 2010!

Kerry XOX

Esme said...

Did you get them online?

Witchazel said...

Yeah Esme, He bought them online, if you click on the words Zu Shoes it should take you to the online shop..

Yes MQ & Kerry, trying hard to be good... trying!!!!

Raechelle said...

Dem shoes be hot!