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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I love leg day, now where did I put my Boobs????

Yes it was leg day today, well quad and calves day actually.
I Love Leg day, I have always been able to push really good weights with my legs so I think that is why I enjoy it so much, but lately I have been really concentrating on perfect form - really low squats with lighter weights and it is making a huge difference. Major DOMS for days which I am addicted to.. hehehe
But the down side to all this weight loss is also the loss of my Boobs..
Now my breasts were never a huge part of my life anyway, in fact they have always been sort of an extra attachment that just came with the appliance, they were there, they were average, they were even gazed at occasionally when being talked to by a male, but I have to admit I have always had fabulous, mind numbingly great, even women comment on them...LEGS!
So my breasts have always been like the sprinkles on the top of a great cake, nice to have but not that important in the overall scheme of things.
But now they have gone....
They left at around the 65kg mark.
Of course when I was 81kg there was alot of breast material overflowing around the top of the bra. Although it was hard to tell where the boob stopped and the stomach started but hey that's what underwire bra's are made for... ugh!
But now that I am 61kg (20kgs gone!!! YAY!) I look down and see my abs, which in itself is a good thing except there are no boobs between head and abs... just a couple of empty bra cups which just about echo when you look down and say... where did I put those breasts... I could finally go with without a bra, except all my tops really like to have a bra in them to make them fit.
Sooooo now my head is saying....
Wow you look great... well if you had breasts you would... are you sure you are not looking to masculine... do you really want to be this thin... no boobs, no boobs, no boobs....
So do I want to do anything about this situation... Am I too old to "get work done" can I even afford to "get work done" I mean $8,000 that's a fabulous kitchen which I really want... gee what a great choice - kitchen or breasts..LOL
Thank goodness I have great legs hehehehehehehehehehe

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