“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday! the joys of windows

Monday! Woohoo! NOT!

Well actually Monday doesn't mean a huge thing to me since I work the weekend at the part time job, so Monday is really Thursday in my head and just a change of workplace... today is the first day car detailing work week..

And every Monday we clean the local RSL & Bowling club courtesy vans, sooooo every Monday the first thing I do at work is to clean the inside and the outside of 11 windows on each of the 4 vans! Do you have any idea what it is like to clean by hand 44 windows covered in spit, fingerprints, and hair-oil/hairspray and that's just the inside.. Ohhhh well I just think... not sitting in the car on the highway... not sitting in smelly office... Anyway by lunchtime I am totally over windows, of course there is still the afternoon cars to do but people don't seem to spit on their own car windows... I wonder why they think it is acceptable to do it on someone else's windows..

Chest work out on Monday and the weights are getting bigger every week - YAY! see it is good to have no boobs left - you can see your pecs so much easier - hehehehe

Cardio at 4pm got the treadmill that tells you that you have burned 900 calories in 35 mins - I know it's lying to me but hey you got to love the thing for trying to cheer us poor sweaty humans up and judging by the smiles of the people getting off it on other days I am sure some even believe what it tells them hehehe

Feeling much better about myself today even though the scales were evil personified this morning, I have spent the whole day on the protein only day in the diet and feel fabulous tonight, funny I was going fine this morning and then at 10.30 (4th van full of bloody windows) crash and burn, whimpy snivelling tears all because I was given the wrong keys and had to return to the office to get the right ones!!! then wham over and gone by 11.30and feeling good..

I tell ya it's those damn carbs!!!!! evil nasty things!

So yes today was much better in the end, even after a total of 56 windows... oh and vacuuming and washing and shammying and drying... Ohhhhh and hubby bought me a nice new shammy! Who needs diamonds when you can have a shammy! hehehehe


gypsy77 said...

Aaaarrhh, carbs!!

I hate the way they control me. You would die if you knew how many I've eaten today.

I just didn't feel like being a bitch today. It's that simple....cut back on carbs and I'm such a cow!!

Keep up the great training. I think you could almost class your job as training!! hehe!

witchazel said...

Yeah the job feels that way some days, gald you had a better day today, school is a god send!

Yep I am great today because have cut back the cabs, tomorrow I will be a total bitch cause I cut back the carbs! CAN NOT WIN!

Hope your cold gets better quickly, I hate the whole runny nose thing, it's the pits!