“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Motivation and family ties

So what keeps us going?

We are out of bed by 5.15 every morning, Sunday we actually sleep in till around 6am, because by then our furry kids are starting to worry that we have missed the alarm!

No wine, No cake, social outings become an exercise for the brain as we mentally tally up each mouthful of food that we didn't prepare.. so how do we know what may be lurking in that omelette??

I'm having a day out today, have to find some smaller shorts which in itself is fabulous but then it becomes another exercise in planning and motivation... How do I fit my 10am protein shake into a 9.30am nail appointment, how can I go shopping from 10.30am when my Tuna and salad is due at 12... how far can I drive and shop and be back in time for lunch, could I take it with me in an esky and munch in the car... damn I'm motivated... or stupid!

Had a big long chat last night with my trainer Jo Stewart, that woman is amazing!
She competes internationally, works full time, has email clients, a family with all the housework and feeding etc and she is motivated to hell and back and incredibly patient and friendly and a genuinely beautiful person. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me.. and that was what has given me a new tank full of Motivation.

Damn it's nail time.... better go...

Ok.. so I'm back now....

So I rushed out late for the nail appointment and didn't even take water with me! scrounged some while having my nails done (my one girly treat once a fortnight). Bought some water on my way to the shops, and then proceeded to munch on sugar free gum until I made it back home 4.5hrs later totally starving!!

I inhaled my Tuna and salad and I even spoiled myself with a Skinny Cow Ice Cream which I have finally found! YUM! Toooooooooo YUM! but they fit right into Day 4 of the food intake scheme... trying not to use the Diet word toooo much.

But there was no way I was going to wreck all my hard work by eating while I was out!

I never got the shorts.. The ones I could find that weren't a ridiculous amount of money for a very small amount of fabric were either too big for me in a 10 and just a little to small in an 8 so I will have to put up with using a belt on the shorts a little longer.. or try a different label..

Anyway MOTIVATION.... what really motivates me..

I will admit that...
I will lift heavier weights if there is a cute bloke or a woman around my age in the gym when I train.
I will run longer and faster if either of the above are near the treadmills
I am motivatedby my hubby... if he can do it I can too!
If I am told I am unable to do something I will try my best to do it.
I am vain and want to always look my best for me and for my hubby.
I feel that all this is worth all the effort when someone younger tells me I look fabulous in that short skirt.
I do not want to be a fat 50 year old frumpy woman. Especially one who says to me... oooooo I want your legs! then goes back to eating the chocolate cake!
I learnt to ride my own Harley because, if a big dumbass biker dude with no teeth can do it, I sure as hell can!

All this motivates me... feeling good keeps me going, but I don't seem to ever think about the health aspect of this... I suppose that should be motivating, but then I lie in the sun just about every day even if it's just for 10 mins and if I was worried about my health I wouldn't do that!

I am just grateful that I have people in my life who do motivate me.

I am sad that I have people in my life who try to undermine me...

I am sure everyone has these people in their family, hell I hope I'm not the only one!

You know the ones who insist you take cookie with your black coffee, no go on, just one, go on, I made the for you.... Yes I know you have come from the gym so you can have one then can't you..

Or what about the... ohhhh aren't you getting skinny, your not sick are you????

and then there is the.. pfffttt you in a compettion at YOUR age??? why would you dooooo THAT to yourself.. everyone WILL laugh!!!!

These people tell you that they are helping you and love you and only want what's best for youbut if they did they would see how you feel when you are not who you want to be and they would try and help you reach your goals...

I have now decided that I am only telling my niece that I am going to compete, she did a comp in NZ last year and understands and is even seeing if she can fly over to be here for me, I will not tell the rest of my family until they actually open their eyes and notice... If they ask I will tell, if they don't??? well they may miss out on one of the best days of my life... but I won't!


Anonymous said...

Oh please, please let some of that motivation rub off on me! Erika

gypsy77 said...

I think people get jealous.

They see you succeeding at something that they wish they could have the courage to do. They wish they looked as good as you, so instead, try to sabotage your good work.

People are hard to work out sometimes. Thats sad that you can only tell your neice. But its great that you will have her support, especially seeing how she's been through it first hand.

keep up all your hard work. I'm enjoying your blog!!


witchazel said...

Thanx guys! your comments give me heaps of motivation too!