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Monday, 20 October 2008

Now where are those calipers??????

I have just spent 2 weeks on a no carb diet to get a kick start into my countdown, yes two whole weeks... count them 14 days... I SURE DID! Boy my poor chewed up and spat out husband did, 14 days of pre-comp dieting.. and today I was allowed to go back to carbs...
Nothing amazing like cake or choclate, but at least I am now able to have my oats again (YAY love them!), BUT these few carbs change everything so before I ld have them I had to have the mighty caliper test... after all I had dropped an impressive 4 kgs in those 14 days, and wow I can really see the difference, I can finally SEE muscles!!!
Now for the caliper test, yes that's the CALIPER test I booked last Wednesday so the gym instructor would be ready and waiting for me at 6am - pre-breakfast, pre-oats, pre-workout.... ohhh but wait, what's that??? Calipers. what calipers????
Now it wasn't the instructors fault, the gym had a break in last Wednesday and the key to the cabinet (where the incredibly expensive calipers live) was in the till which was the only thing stolen, but hey that was last week and the gym owner had just not bothered to open the cabinet by some other means. The instructor asked him 4 times but he "forgot", after all it's just some old girl wanting to know isn't it?? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
So now hopefully the calipers will come out of hiding on Wednesday - fabulous, I mean just great, unfortunately by then I would have been back on carbs for TWO days.
I don't care what the measurement is now because I really just wanted to find out what the dieting produced and now I will not know until I get back to that cycle again....
I am just sooooo damn frustrated that this has happened... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I know damn well that if I was some busty chicky babe waiting to be calipered to death those little beauties would have been polished and waiting for me, but hey I'm just on of his old girls that trains in the morning with the 70 year olds - have I said aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh enough yet!!
Ok ant over - luckily I have now had carbs so I will not go to the gym and beat the boy about the head - yesterday it would have been a different matter.......... SIGH!

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