“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sunday, 23 November 2008

been there done that..

So the three days are over... sigh!

Friday - Shopped at DFO and scored a major saving on beautiful pale purple top of the line Puma joggers that make you feel like you are bounding along and never need to stop - I'm in love!, got a little "Little black dress" and a couple of tops as well.

Saturday - Finally got Hubby to Aussie Zoo, enjoyed that heaps - fabulous place. Then celebrated the League win- woohooo Kiwi's! Always find that strange to do cause I am a real Bronco's and Queensland fan... until the tests!

Today- Got a whole, complete day at the beach without having to dash back to go to work... sigh! fabulous!

Trained Friday and Saturday as per normal but I was able to get a lot more cadio in with not going to work and that made me suddenly realise that....

The fitter you get the harder you must work!!!

Whats with that!!!!

Cause we had the time we did the jog/walk thing along the waterfront on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Both times it was great - love the new shoes, but on Saturday evening I suddenly realised that it took a lot longer for my darling Polar to tell me my heart rate was up, and hardly any time at all for it to tell me my heart rate was back down again. This resulted in almost completely jogging there and back- yay!


When I was overweight and puffed when I walked my heart rate shot up and stayed there for HOURS burning heaps of calories, but now that I am fit and healthy my heart rate hardly moves unless I am running...

I feel cheated!!!! I feel Duped!!!! Being fit was supposed to get easier!!!! Now I have to jog the whole of the waterfront to burn the same calories that falling out of bed used to burn when I was fat and a smoker....

See there is a definite mistake happening in the universe, I reckon when you get fit and healthy it is only fair that....

By blinking you should burn 10 calories
By getting out of bed you should use 20 calories - of course if you have big king size bed you must slide across it should be 25 cals at least!
Actually walking to the kitchen should consume 200 cals
and of course jogging, which only fit people do should burn 1000 cals a minute

That is what I call fair!

Why do we try so hard to get this fit when it means that to stay this fit we must keep increasing the amount of work we do to stay this fit and then to get fitter we must work even harder then when we are fitter we must do more to stay fitter........ (deep breath in) see it's an ever INCREASING spiral!!!!!!!

Next time I will wear my Ipod so I just sing along and don't think!

Just as well we all love being this fit, or is it that we are all tooooooo exhausted to complain hehehehehehehehe

Hope you all had a fun weekend too

Ohhhhh.. and we are not even going to mention Saturdays weigh in... no we are not... nope no weigh.. get it, get it... no way, weigh.... oh never mind cause we are not even going to mention it O.K!


katiep said...

That is why cardio must be saved for special occasions only :)
Too much spoils the flavour xxx

gypsy77 said...

Hi Cath,

At class on Saturday, three of us chickies had Polar watches.

I burned a (crappy) 391
My sis burned 510
A new lady burned 1200

What the????

My sis is taller and bigger than me, but is becoming quite fit. The other lady has just started boxing and has a fair amount of weight to lose.

It was good to compare. I could hear her watch beeping right through the class - she must have the ownzone alarm turned on.

I find I'm burning less and less now, and I really struggle to get my heart rate up there.

It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But in a good way!!