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Thursday, 27 November 2008

No nails... sniff sniff sigh!

Thursday back day - 6 x 3 sets of chin ups YAY!

Damn where the hell were those 20 year old guys who could only do 3 in total yesterday!!!! Great they wander in just as I am doing the last set of drop set seated rows...

Why is it that you only get looked at when you are on the end of a work out doing the last set of drop sets and on the lowest weight ever!!!

I really really really really wanted to go and leap up and grab the chin up bar and do 25!!!!

OK so I could do them in my head, but I just didn't have the energy left to lift my bum off the seat to get there... hehehehe

Then home for more cardio... well housework actually but man the dogs are malting so it is major cardio with the vaccy and mop!

No Nails today, had to give them away this time due to unexpected bill's arriving - like Hubby being stupid enough to not put his bloody seat belt on- even though I nag the bejesus out of him all the time about it - the one time I was not in the car with him and he gets a dam $250 ticket, then it appears that our first accountant stuffed up my 2006 tax and now I suddenly have a $550 tax bill due in 2 weeks!!!! 2 weeks!!!! in December!!!! Get a life!!!! Apart from Christmas I have my Son's and granddaughters birthday as well!!!

So that's enough to cause a choice to be made - supplements or nails- sooooo no nails... this is a major depression causing event for me as I have had my nails done religiously now for 8 years and it is my "thing" that keeps me feeling pretty and girly and lovely and sexy and nice and.... ohhh hell I will just have to patch them as best I can for another 2 weeks... fingers crossed... hehehehehe fingers crossed that might just do it!!!!

So I am still sitting round in my old singlet and shorts that I threw on after the gym, no shower yet and it's nearly 3pm! Ohhh well it is my day off! Of course soon I will have to shower so I can go to the gym again and get sweaty... weird... my life is just weird...

Meanwhile on the Wow and Exciting front...

My darling daughter turned up to have her lunch here today which was fabulous, but what has got me all excited and buzzy is that she got up at 4.30am to go for a walk this morning as it is the only time she can go without children.

Her fabulous Hubby has to get up at 4am and leave for work at 5am so she must fit in any exercise before he goes.

I was sooooo excited and happy that she is looking at getting fit, even though she only wants to trim down a bit for a wedding that she will be maid of honor in next March.

I am secretly, well now you guys all know now so not very secretly, hoping that she catches the fitness bug.

So after our chat she has decided to keep doing the walking until the New Year then her and I will find one day a week where we can do something together, probably at the gym... Which will be fabulously great!! woohooo can not wait!! I figure that by then I will have to increase my training for the comp anyway so it will be all great!!

She can be very focused, much more than I ever am, so I know she will work hard at anything we do and I am sure we can somehow fit in a little more, then a little more...

I really just want her to be a bit healthier for herself and her family. Woohoo can not wait!

Well I really must go, throw a bone at the dogs for their afternoon munchies and I will scoff a protein shake, have a shower, which is a real nuisance as I just cleaned the damned thing, then get back into gym gear and go and do cardio.... yay! I have missed a couple of days so I can not wait..


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Witchazel, I always get a cackle out of it.

witchazel said...

thanx, glad to make you smile although sometimes I wonder about my life... circus personified hehehe