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Monday, 17 November 2008

Put your weights away!

Chest training... went really well, then cardio tonight for 50 mins then abs... did them tonight after cardio instead of this morning with chest so I managed to get some extra abby things in.

Now it is always interesting going to the gym in the evening.

The gym where I train is TINY, it was once a set of three squash courts, now it is a gym and a squash court.

The aerobics area was one court, the free weights was another court, third court is still a court. What was the upstairs viewing walkway is now the leg area, and that's it folks.

It has everything you need if you are prepared to sometimes be constructive - i.e. only one decline bench and someone is using it... no worry balance a flat bench on the step that is used for the dip rack - hey presto decline..

Our morning crowd is nearly always the exact same people doing the exact same thing...

There is the morning "cardio" crowd (about 8 if they all turn up), now I use the term "cardio" lightly as the crowd who do the 6am or 6.30am classes are all retired over 65 year olds. They are a great crowd and some do work pretty hard, but the majority do not even raise a glow let alone sweat... but hey I hope I am still doing cardio/yoga/pilates when I am 65!

Then there is the weight guys, once again all three of them are male and in their 70's.

They push some pretty impressive weights and also manage to fit in some neat topics of conversations. You just have to be careful not to get dragged into the conversation as sometimes they can last 10 minutes hehehe

The whole morning crowd is respectful, we ALL put our weights back when we have finished, say hello, etc etc.............................

Then there is the evening crowd.

Predominantly males 18-25. Loud, messy, take over every available bench in the free weights area. Never put the weights back on the racks... we know this cause when we need them in the morning they are still on the bars!

Trying to do abs amongst them was a study in space and time equilibrium.

It's amusing to watch them train with weights that are too heavy so they cheat cause God forbid they go lighter!

I can not say I have ever seen them climb the stairs to the squat rack or leg extension machines. They are all arms and chest so they will look good when leaning on a bar somewhere on a Saturday night.

When the young girls are there doing the night cardio classes every man must stop and take a drink from the water fountain - strategically placed right outside the aerobics area - at least every 35 seconds. So there is a constant line of blokes going to and fro down the small aisle from the free weights room to the water fountain.

I have only trained in the weights area a couple of times at night, in the end it just isn't worth the waiting while you try and work out if the weights on the bar are there cause they are being used or because the last guy just hasn't unloaded them. Or the towel that has been on one of only 4 benches is there cause someone is using the bench or has just forgotten his towel!

I try hard, I did abs tonight while grinding my teeth and muttering to myself, but I just know that one day I am going to go into the room and yell.....

"For Fucks Sake... I am not your fucking mother.... put your fucking weights away you lazy little bastards"

Hubby watched me grinding my teeth and muttering... he has told me he is having a chat to the gym owner tomorrow......

Sigh he takes all the fun out of my life....

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gypsy77 said...

I love, love your posts! You always make me laugh!

Ha, my word verification for this comment is panis! Hehe, I'm am quite crazy tonight, little things are making me crack up!