“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dance Naked!!!!!!

It seems any New Year brings about changes in just about everyone you meet, everyone wants to begin something fabulous, exciting, different....

I find it so sad that I have now heard of 4 relationship break ups during or just after the New Year period.

And all day I have had this one vital piece of information that I feel I must pass on to anyone who is in the mind numbing, heart breaking, soul stealing place that a relationships death takes you to, and that is....


Now, I can already hear the snigger's and embarrassed giggles out there in computer land but honestly you must try it at least once in your life to experience the pure release it brings.

This vital piece of information was passed to me by a very dear girlfriend when my relationship of 14 years crashed and burned.

I was a sobbing, drunken mess for weeks. Drank myself to sleep each night then was too sick to eat the next day then repeated the process that night... it was a soul destroying place to exist in.

Then my GF grabbed me by the scruff of the neck (yep literally - ouch) and said to me... "For Gods sake woman! Lock yourself in a room, close the blinds, put on the loudest, nastiest, meanest song you can find, take off your clothes and turn up the music till you can FEEL IT and DANCE!!!!!!!!!"

Well I got to say I giggled, snickered, and blushed at the thought... Hell I was no teenager I was already over 40, and the thought of dancing naked seemed... well... just plain silly!

But I went home and did what she said, and I swear it was the turning point of me regaining my Self.


I still love the song I used that first night. I used it just about every night for the following week, then only every couple of nights, then every couple of weeks or if something fresh from the break up side swiped me... I haven't used it for a long while but I do know that if I ever need to find instant relief that song will be close at hand because now I use it if I have to push myself through a tough long cardio session.

So please if you are in that darkness before the dawning of the new you, and even though it now feels like it may never come, the dawn of the new you WILL arrive and you WILL come out of this dark place stronger, smarter, faster, and tougher, in the meantime....


ohhhh and some little pointers that I learned the hard way....

Know where the mirrors are..... a sudden movement out of the corner of your eye can cause almost instant heart failure when you are mid dance LOL

Know where the mirrors are... the 2nd reason for this is because if you have jiggly bits that you are not that happy with and you already feel like shit, you do not want to see them dancing naked LOL

If you can possibly, without causing traffic accidents or neighbours to faint - DANCE NAKED OUTSIDE!!! but always wear insect repellent..

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Raechelle said...

That there is some bloody good advice girl!