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Friday, 6 February 2009

Long post - BIG QUESTION!

Another week over... 14 weeks to go as of this Sunday - Wow! (stomach churns with nerves hehehehe)

I have had a great week of training with a lot of PB's this week, probably because it was the second week of my new programme so I knew where I was going and what I was going to do.

It feels strange to have cut back on the cardio, I almost snuck out and did my normal 45 mins today when I was between jobs, but I decided to be good and my house needed an overhaul so I sort of did Cardio attached to the old Vaccy, Mop and duster instead.

Tomorrow is my "other" weigh in day, so I will be interested to see what my home scales tell me compared to the calipers... I definitely believe the calipers as the BF% on the home scales can change by 3% in 4 hours! So really how accurate can they be?

An interesting point of note is that my Hubby also uses the home scales to keep an eye on his BF% and his is within 0.5% of what the calipers say, but mine can be as much as 4% higher than the calipers on any given day.

It must be the way the scales are set up for women.. I use them as a monitor, well more of a peace-of-mind ruler as I still can not take in that I am this cut and toned, so I always have that fraction of a second when I step on the scales when I expect to see 35% Body Fat and I find it has all be a mistake in the settings and I am still overweight!

I am the same when I try on clothes, I will still take a size 12 into the changing rooms as well as an 8, and a 10, just in case the 8's I am wearing are some sort of clothing abomination and I am really still a 12-14... Honestly I have been wearing saggy size 12 undies for ages because I was scared that when I got the 8's home they would be too small!! Whew they weren't!!!

Now I have a problem and I would love to hear your thoughts on it...

We have been lucky enough to be given a key to the gym we train at as the owner knows I am going to be competing. This allows us to get in at 5.30am instead of when it opens at 6am. Being able to do this is a huge bonus for me as it means I can fit my training and morning cardio in before work. It also allows me to use the mirrors on a Sunday for my posing practice.

In the mornings there are 2 different instructors who come in at 6am depending on what day of the week it is.. Instructor A is there on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Instructor B is there on Tuesday and Thursday although she only takes a class on Tuesday, on Thursday someone else takes the morning class and Instructor B trains herself.

Now we have only had the key for a week, and there are other members who also have keys, and some have had them for a couple of years, and also open up early on occasion.

Instructor A has seen that we are there before her and has not made any comments about it even though we have spoken to her on every morning we she has been there. Because all the morning people at the gym know each other by name, if we have opened the gym up early, the others tend to wander in and start early as well. We do try and leave the door closed so that it doesn't look like anyone is there but a couple of the oldies are waiting at the door when we arrive and just come on in. They are there every morning of the week.

Instructor B has had a hernia about it!

She stormed up to us on Tuesday and demanded to know how we got in. She then stopped us training (the whole point of us getting there early is to fit the training into the time spot) and told us off even after we explained we were given a key by the owner. Thursday she did the same! She then complained to the owner when he arrived, saying that she always (like NEVER!)arrived at 5.45am and that should be early enough for us as it was dangerous for us to be there "alone".

He told her he was more than happy for us to be there - (Hubby ex-cop, both have trained for around 20 years etc etc ) hence the key - and as long as we kept the door closed after us there was no problem. She is still not a happy camper.

Now Instructor A has been supportive and encouraging from the start of my weight loss journey, Instructor B has been very negative and has even left her PT customers to just stand still while she rushed up to me when I was posing and checking my back and "compared" us. (I had a better Lat spread according to her customers LOL) She has never once offered a word of encouragement to me and has increased her negative comments about how I train since she found out I was going to compete.

I have seen and heard her tell her PT customers how not to do things by comparing me and what I am doing or what she believes I am eating (which was wrong). We have even checked with someone else who has a key and opens up in the morning and she has never said a word to him about it.

Now all this is starting to get to me, she is very abrupt and loud, and I am becoming antsy before I even get to the gym on the mornings she will be there. Poor hubby is waiting for the day when I actually reply to her as so far I have just carried on training (Yep she has tried to tell me off mid set!) or walked away from her and left Hubby to "chat".

But what will I do when I am carb deprived??????

Is carb deprivation a valid reason to tell someone where to put a 10kg dumbbell???

Have any of you struck this kind of behaviour from a instructor or anyone at your gym???



Anonymous said...

Sorry no, being in the military our gyms are a very different environment and we don't have these kind of issues.

But in saying that, there's obviously no point getting into a debate with said instructor becuase nobody is going to win in the end. If you're approached again suggest they take it up with the manager as it has nothing to do with them. Let the manager know of your dealings and concerns and let them sort it amongst themselves.

Life's to short to worry about things we can't control. Let it go and just focus on yourself and your preparation, that's all that matters. :o)

gypsy77 said...

I know what Lia has said is right...but I would take that 10kg dumbell and tell her where to shove it!!!?????

Sounds to me like she's should be proud of yourself...your doing so well and looking so great, your making trainers jealous!

Well done Cath!! 14 weeks to go...keeep it strong!!


gypsy77 said...

Ohh god, my word verifaction was "abwork"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think the gods are trying to tell me something?????

witchazel said...

Thanx Lia and Bec, I hate confrontation so I will always walk away, even if the 10kg dumbbell is calling her name LOL!

The trouble is I then do the whole "Scenerio" thing in my head for days... she'll say, then I'll say...

Ha! Bec.. the Gods are hinting, don't you hat eit when that happens LOL!

Raechelle said...

No, sorry-never encountered that before...When I was getting ready for my comp I wore my headphones aaaaall the time-so if anyone was saying anything-I just didn't hear it LOL! And yeah-LIA's right-life is too short to be worrying about some twit! Cheers!