“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Friday, 27 February 2009

Legs and Sons

Fridays are leg day.. well Quads and Calves to be exact..
Love training legs, always have, always will..
Love the pain, the sweat and the fact that I can push some serious weights on leg day..

Cardio was 30 mins last night, will add some to tomorrows morning ab workout, I might even see if I can fit in the yoga class tomorrow morning... only ever done one of these but my lower back is giving me grief this week so I thought the class might help.

Today I had a quick sms chat with my son, Clark, who is still in NZ. He is in the Army as a chef, always wanted to be one and has worked damned hard to be one, currently topping his class in a course... that's proud Mama talk for "Look at my Baby - he's all grown and doing so well"
Anyway, apart from being a chef, Clark is a weight training freak like his old Mum. Except he is 6ft 4" and weighs around 130kg, which makes me remember how much I miss his huge hugs.

He has the iron running in his veins just like us figure girls do and so when we sms we have the sort of chats that are probably not your normal Son to Mum chat and they go like this... Clark's sms's are the BLUE ONES, mine are the RED ONES...

Hey howz it, wot you doin, hows trainin
Hey there, all Gr8t, off to gym in about 15, leg day yay, how R U
Good, flyin home for wkend.
U going ok for the comp, still a runt or have you growd some decent muscles LOL
Muscle is here, BF9.9% got flash stripper shoes
Gr8t BF U mite have flash shoes but I can bench press 2 of U, don't need shoes for that
Just as well... dont think they go with camo or come in yr size, U would look good in the mess though.. LOL
Yeah Sarge will love them no good 4 pack march tho flite hear got to go Push heavy Go Hard.

so I trained heavy and went hard, can't disappoint the kids can we LOL

Well this is my first weekend not working in nearly 12 months and my first day off in 6 weeks!!!!I have no idea what I am doing, apart from the gym in the morning and housework for a couple of hours...

Hell I just want to have a whole day with no need to be anywhere doing anything apart from when I'm ready!!!

I am soooooo hoping that the weather will be bike friendly I have missed my Harley so much and it will be great to get a chance to just get on and ride away......

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