“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Real Weekend & ZMA

Sooooo that's what a real weekend feels like!

Did abs and cardio on Saturday morning, I have had really bad Sciatica all week and I thought it was the run on the concrete last Sunday so I dripped sweat on the cross trainer instead..

Then ran around behind the vaccy and mop, cooked meals, then went out on the Harley for a quick cup of coffee then back to play on the driveway for a while...

Wow it was fabulous to have time to do normal things like weed the driveway.... between the cobblestones... except where the Chev is parked so I just know tomorrow morning when I leave for work I will go to close the gate, look up the driveway and see a 1963 Chev truck size patch of weeds all through the cobblestone Doh! but I ran out of daylight just when I got to her....

The good news was that either crawling around on the cobblestones getting cramp in my legs or riding the Harley fixed my back... Yay!

Today we went down to the gym for practise posing in front of the mirrors - when I practice at home I can't see a mirror and I have to practice around a large spread out Dobermann, which I suppose may come in handy on the competition day, iafter all there may happens to be one laying around on the stage and I will be prepared!

Anyway we went down to the gym and about half way through I discovered what is making my back ache... yep posing practice!!! Oh well it's not like I'm going to walk away cause posing makes my back ache a bit so I just kept going...

I could hardly move by the time I had finished, but then I discovered that it is definitely the Harley that cures it!!!!

We headed up to Mooloolabah for the day on the bikes, I have missed my baby sooooo much and it is such an awesome feeling to be riding in the warm air on a beautiful day heading to the beach!

We spent the day on the sand in the sun and under the water... it was truly fabulous!!!!! And totally pain free - go figure, so from now I will have to ride my bike after my posing practice each night.. gee I'm sure the neighbours are going to love that noise every night - not LOL! I might have to start taking her to work instead of the truck, now where will I put the Esky that has my days food in it?????

Jumped on the scales yesterday, didn't bother with the fat% as I know that the scales numbers are crap, but my total weight was down 300gms... not really fussed about whether that is good or bad, I ll wait to be told how I am going on Wednesday, I still have lots of time to tweak things so all is pretty cruisy at the mo.

I commented on Teascrazy's blog about ZMA, I don't know if anyone else uses it but I now swear by it. It is Zinc, Magnesium and B6, which is supposed to increase muscle strength, size and recovery... it's is also supposed to help you get a good solid nights sleep.

Now I started taking it for the recovery aspect, and then I discovered that it gives me an incredible nights sleep!!! I take it 1/2 an hour before bed and then I go to bed to read and within 10 mins I and struggling to stay awake. I used to be up and down all night having a pee, now I might wake up once but as soon as I go back to bed I am sound asleep. I also can tell when I haven't taken it the night before as I am definitely lacking energy for the early morning workouts the next day.

So if you are having trouble sleeping see if you can give it a go...

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