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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Damn, bugger, blast.. & Keto???

I HAVE THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I a trying to tell myself that at least I still have 13 weeks before the comp, so if I had to get this damn pestilence and disease now is a good time, but there is NEVER A GOOD TIME!!!!

I missed training yesterday and today, I will not go to the gym with the flu as I curse and throw hexes on people who do. So until I am better I am not training, not that I feel like I could train anyway... My whole body is aching and I must stop eating those razorblades even though they are fat free... arghhhhhhhh

On a better note, I have cut out the banana's and almonds and reduced my carbs a little, not that I was having a lot anyway, and cardio is now back in my life and I have already dropped my weight back by 1kg in a week, got to love water weight eh! I can honestly say I am not a carbs person, they left me feeling bloated and clogged up. I constantly felt like my food was sitting at the base of my throat and not going away, so I really am happier on a low carb diet.

I am seriously considering going Keto after October, even Hubby, Ruler of the Banana Bread Kingdom, has asked when we can drop the carbs and change the food ratio. I loved the new word that Tiarna gave us on Facebook the other day... carbocide!!! It is a perfect description of how I feel after a feed of carbs LOL!!!

From what I have read a Keto diet would suit me, I seem to have a very low carb tolerance and I also found an interesting article on how addictive sugar is.

The funny thing was that Hubby and I were only discussing my sugar addiction that day and I have often said that I find sugar very similar to nicotine. I know that I am always just one cigarette away from a pack a day, and I am honestly only one lolly away from a packet a day!!!

I am not troubled by it, or ashamed of it, it is just how I am. I know I can not have any form of sweets/biscuits/treat food in the house or I will eat it all in one sitting, I am a true sugar addict, I will sneak handfuls of lollies and shove them in my mouth just like an alcoholic guzzles drink. Once I have one I am never satisfied until I have eaten every available sweet thing in the house. I can not comprehend how anyone can have a packet of lollies or chocolate in their house and just eat one every now and then, I just can not get that, just can't!!! If I don't have that first one, I am fine, I do crave them but that is usually a fleeting thing and when I really think about it is usually means my water intake has been down that day...

Anyway thinking seriously about Keto... anyone here eat that way????


Raechelle said...

Sorry you're ill girl....but yeah-better now than 2 weeks out! fit as you are these could probably be ready for a comp in 8 weeks!
Good for you not spreading the disease :-)
Get well soon! I know nothing about Keto-sorry.

mq01 said...

oh no, flu...shit!!! i hate being sick, im sorry. get better soon.

im experiencing probs with carbs as well. last time i cut them out completely i felt much better and controlled. let us know what you find out about keto.

Kerry W said...

Hey Cathy

I know what you mean about 'all or nothing'. It's not sweets with me though, it's savoury...NUTS! Once I start, I can't stop...especially peanuts in there shells and macadamia nuts.

About the keto...Frankie has been experimenting with this, so why not try her blog and check out her labels?

Let us know how you go. :-)

Frankie said...

Yep, I LOVE being in Ketosis. I'm waiting for my Lyle McDonald book to be delivered so I can study up on targetted keto diet and cyclic keto diet as well.

I feel really fantastic the whole time apart from the first couple of weeks when I am light headed, cranky, weak and hungry. If you can get over that it is very easy to stick to, NO hunger at all and the weight just falls off while your muscle is spared.

I lost about 7kg in 7weeks with little exercise and that was PURE FAT.

I'm a very big fan of it. Been off it for a couple of months for various reasons but am back into it now (going through the headache and hungry stage) and hopefully will stay on it indefinitely after that.

I do tend to eat more carbs on the weekend. I think a cyclic ketogenic diet is what I will settle on eventually as it cycles the carbs on the weekend to fill your muscles with glycogen for your workout but then in ketosis for fatloss during the week.

As you can tell, I'm a BIG fan of it.

Witchazel said...

Thanx guys... I feel a bit better and have spent the whole day looking up Keto and it sounds perfect for me... Yeah Frankie I was reading Lyle's articles on his site and stuff on and he certainly knows his stuff. Not sure if I can risk changing before October... I will have to run it past Kelli first or I might wait till after the competition...

Magda said...

Hi Witchhazel,

I did a brief keto diet a couple of months ago. By day 9 my brain would not work. I sat at my computer staring at my screen like a zombie. No amount of headshaking or trying to snap out of it made any difference. A small vegan muffin and a cappuccino were my saviour. I need carbs to function so keto isnt for me.



Frankie said...

Cathy it works for some and not others so maybe changing during comp prep is not a good idea as you won't be able to train hard for a few weeks until your body adjusts and produces more enzymes to utilise your fat for energy instead of carbs.

Something worth looking into though. I do eat a LOT of good fat and some saturated fats to keep me satisfied though. LOTS of peanut butter, avocado, some cheese and whole eggs. Lots of oil on salads that sort of thing.

Witchazel said...

PEANUT BUTTER.........nom nom nom nom... I'm sold..LOL..