“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger
“The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Changes and head spaces....

"Losing sight of who you are is one of the most terrifying points in your life, whatever its cause. Do not become weak by slowly sinking into depression, but become stronger by redefining yourself as you wish. It is people that do the latter that often do great things."

I have Kerry to thank for this quote... It truly touched me... I can't thank her enough for this and it will now appear at the top of my blog to help me focus on my changes and the redefining of my life.

Had a relaxing weekend which has helped me immensely. Saturday trained Chest and Triceps in a no-time-limit work out and then threw cardio onto the end, I loved it!! Just really enjoyed the fact that it didn't matter what the time was, who was on what cardio machine, and that I just train, concentrate on my muscles and work hard. It helped me refocus on why I train, and what training I prefer..

Sitting on the incline bench I looked at the mirror and loved what I saw, not quite as cut as I was a week ago, not worried, I could see my shoulder muscles, my leg muscles, I liked that you could see that I trained with weights, this is why I started - for this look... Not to stand in a bikini... but for this look.

I love that I did compete and I still want to compete again, but the reason I get up at 4am is to move these hunks of iron and grow and I had forgotten that... I am heading back to that tomorrow... I am training to grow as much muscle as I can until I am ready to get back onto the stage.

I am not wasting more time worrying about what ifs, I will use this time to train and grow... ohhh and to colour my hair :o))))

Which I did tonight - It is now Auburn blonde - not as drastic as I would like, but its a starting point that I plan to build on.. hehehehehe

The rest of Saturday was spent house cleaning - arghhhh, vaguely shopping for assorted kitchen utensils including a dish rack which, it turns out, is as rare as.... well a dish rack!!! Finally managed to track one down,which was just as well since I had already tossed the old one into the bin!

Ended the night at the RSL having two double shot coffees and biscuits and as a result had the hot sweats and no sleep for most of the night, are the joys of carbs and caffeine LOL

Jogged the waterfront (opps don't tell the doctor eh ) this morning and burnt of the cookies from last night (hopefully LOL) and then headed to a local hot rod show and shine which turned out a bit lame so we travelled on to the great shopping heaven known as DFO.... and no matter how I tried (Yes MQ I really tried!!!) I could not find anything to spend money on!!!!

ARrrrrghhhhhh!!!!! I did try on several different pairs of shoes - training and stilettos but really nothing that moved me to actually part with the dollars... Hubby (now known as the shopping slut) managed to find a singlet and a cap and after 3 hours I finally managed to drag him screaming like a girl from the shoes.... He is such a Shoe Slut - Honestly!!!!! I am sure he could teach women how to shop!!!

So after a day of shopping, eating lunch that was not home made food and completely chaning my hair colour I am now all set for another week back in focus... It is just that the focus has shifted, and it is now going to build more muscle and also has auburn coloured hair - Yay!


Leisl said...

Hahahaha..."Shopping Slut"!........I love it!!!! I also love that focus quote too at the top of your blog, it was the first thing that I read and I've put it amongst my fav's to look back upon from time to time - thanx to you and Kerry for sharing :)


mq01 said...

im SOOOOO glad that you're having fun. its those 3 seconds, all of lifes 3 seconds that matter. how we live determines how happy we are. honor what we love and who we are, we must. i think this is what makes us whole.

we really live the tarot card Wheel of Fortune, and have to continually adapt to all points of life on the wheel. but while we do that, keep looking at those fabulous arms and shoulders, those abs (yes the abs), and know that who you see in the mirror IS who you are. you are a fitness competitor. a harley riding fitness competitor no less! :) you are a champion. and you are an incredible, fun, driven, loving woman above all.

i love the auburn hair!! have a fabulous week cath!! xoxo!!

Kerry W said...

You're Welcome Cath. :) I'm glad the quote has helped you focus again on what's possible. You're a fighter, so I doubt anything will keep you down for long.

Kerry XOX

Magda said...

Hi Cath,

thanks for sharing Kerry's quote. It really struck home with me too.